Coronavirus Covid-19

We know that the global pandemic has been very challenging for most people and as we attempt to rebuild we would like to let you know what steps we are taking to protect you, our staff, their families and yours.

All of our staff will be tested for fitness for work every day. They will be given clean PPE daily and have all been trained in best practice to keep themselves and you safe.

Following the latest government coronavirus advice as of 13th May 2020 we require all clients assist us in staying safe by following confirming the below:

Will you wear a mask when you are interacting with our staff?

Have you been in contact with anyone who has coronavirus, or has symptoms of corona virus in the last 14 days?

Have you arranged a space at both properties for our crew to wash their hands on arrival and throughout the day?

Have you made arrangements for pets not to be present on the day of removal?

Have you made plans for you and family members to social distance on the day of the removal?

If you are not having a packing service are you aware that you need to be fully packed by the time the crew arrives on the day of the removal?

In accordance with new guidelines where possible you will wipe down all surfaces prior to the removal?

Are you willing to have all doors and windows at both properties open during your removal?

We know some of these will be common sense and you will be very aware of these requirements if you have had viewings since 13th May 2020. We will be sending an AdobeSign Form to complete the day before your removal to further confirm the above.

We apologise in advance if this seems tedious, but we hope you understand that we all have to work together in these unprecedented times.

If you have any problems or concerns with any of these issues please call the office between 09:00 and 17:00, or Kevin on 07956003220 outside of these hours.

Covid-19 Government links and advice: