How much will a Man with a Van in London cost?

If you’re looking for a quick answer then we can tell you that hiring a man with a van is probably the cheapest way to move homes in London. Whether you’re moving from a single studio property or a 2-3 bedroom house, you may well find that your best solution is a man and van company.


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The man and van industry has progressed dramatically since the days of hiring a local man and van for removing old chewed up sofas from your home. Although a lot of man and van companies still provide these types of removal services, for the more established removal companies like ourselves, you’ll find us moving average sized households with just our man and van services alone.

It’s good to note that the size and location of your move is an important factor. What do we mean by that? Well simply put the quantity and size of your household items and belongings. We operate a large fleet of removal vehicles including smaller vans which we offer at cheaper rates compared to our larger HGV vehicles. For London especially, our smaller vehicles are perfect for negotiating traffic and arriving on time at locations.


Man and Van Removal Quotes London

Removal companies have different methods of providing quotes to their customers. Our approach is to discuss your requirements and make it as clear as possible exactly what the costs are to you from the outset.

Hourly Rates

Our man and van services are charged per hour and vary depending on the service you’ll require and location within or outside of the M25. Hourly rates are often used for typical man and van removals around London, however, larger moves that may fall outside of this scope will require a more detailed quote. If we think you may need more than a man and van for your move then we will arrange a quick and survey your household to be more accurate. This is especially important so we can give you the best and cheapest possible price.

Packing Services and Materials

You may find that you need to purchase some packing materials such as strong cardboard boxes and tape. This would be an extra cost for you to consider and budget for. We sell industry standard removal and packing materials that are available to anyone who needs them via our online shop. Of course you might have your own boxes and methods for packing that you can use to keep the costs for your move low.

What is the average cost for using our Man and Van service?

For a professional 2 man loading team and van on a weekday we charge £35 per hour which is very competitive. We also provide a cheaper 1 man loader service or just a driver who won’t do any lifting at all. Compared to many other man and van prices in London, you’ll find our pricing is some of the most affordable in the home moving and removals industry.

Why don’t I just hire a local Van and do it all myself?

Of course many people do just that if they don’t require much help in moving from A to B. What we have found in our experience is that this route can end up being more stressful and just as expensive if not more expensive.

Firstly consider that you will need to pick the van up and return it to its location once you have finished the move. You’ll then need to drive back to your home or get a taxi which is the last thing you will want to do on move day. There is also a great deal paperwork to complete for the van hire company along with paying a large deposit upfront in case of any accidental damage to the vehicle. Unfortunately you’ll lose all of this deposit if you return the vehicle and there’s so much as a little scratch on the vehicle.


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