Packing Tips For Stress Free Home Moving

Packing Tips For Stress Free Home Moving

When it comes to moving home, you’ll need to start thinking about packing all your belongings up. For many people this can be a daunting part of moving home, especially if you have plenty of belongings in your household. We have found from our many years’ worth of experience in removals that people tend to leave this part of the moving process until the very last minute. As moving day approaches, stress levels increase and your moving experience suddenly becomes a nightmare.

Tips & Tricks For Packing Up Your Household Items

Packing up your belongings and items should always be done in stages. The key is to split your packing tasks into smaller groups so you can be organised and ready come move out day. We recommend that you split the packing job into each room.

Let’s take the kitchen for example. Your kitchen will be an essential area of your household that you’ll likely be using for cooking, washing etc. right up until your move date. We suggest that your kitchen should be the last room in the house that you pack up, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t start packing some things away and getting organised.

Take the time to think about and write down a list of all the essential items you’ll need from each room in your household until moving day. You’ll now have a good idea of what you can pack away from each room without it disrupting your lifestyle and daily routines too much.

Once you have your list for each room make a start on packing things up a good week or two before the big day. As you start to fill up your boxes and containers, make sure to label the boxes by room and the description of items in the container. A good tip is to write on the top of your containers and boxes so that anyone who is carrying it can simply look down to see where it should go in the new home. It’s also very important that you have good packing materials and supplies so that your items are protected and safe during transit. You may have empty cardboard boxes already that you can use, if not you’ll need to make the time to source some.

London Packing Service & Supplies Company

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